Dust: Protecting operators and the environment, working without confinement, reducing intervention times, intervening in inhabited environments...it's possible with our ready-to-use EasyGel Protect solutions!

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Asbestos is a major public and occupational health problem: this material despite multiple qualities has been shown to be highly toxic. It has been used extensively since the last decades and the cancers number linked to continue to increase.

Banned in France since 1997, it remains in many buildings and facilities.

400 to 500 times thinner than a hair, asbestos fibers are invisible in atmospheric dust and ambient air. Inhaled, they can settle deep in the lungs and cause serious respiratory diseases: pleural plaques, lung and pleural cancer (mesothelioma), fibrosis (or asbestosis)…

Some diseases can occur after low exposures, but repeated exposure increases the likelihood of getting ill.

The health effects of exposure to asbestos often occur several years after the onset of exposure.


BCL INVENT® manufactures and markets a range of patented products,  EasyGel Protect®, allowing capture and retention at source of fine and ultrafine particles.

The use of EasyGel Protect® solutions allow to reduce dust levels below the limit value for occupational exposure asbestos which is 10 fibers per liter for eight work hours.

These results are obtained in strict compliance with the implementation of our products.

Our solutions meet the requirements of European legislation and protect operators and their environment.

In France, our drilling solutions are validated by CEVALIA commission (Institution which validates innovations when you have to work on materials containing asbestos).

Our range is available for:

•    Drilling
•    Cutting
•    Slabs removal
•    Chiseling
•    Diagnosis
•    Coring
•    Impregnation
•    Spraying
•    Dust Removal

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