Our EasyGel Protect® diagnostic solutions guarantee you a dust <5f / L. This performance is achieved in compliance with the product instructions, a regulatory operating mode and the operator training obligation.

In compliance with autorities which stipulates that the business manager must take all the technical measures necessary to reduce any dust.

Sampling method that does not alter laboratory analyzes.

The solution is suitable for all types of dust: harmful or not (Asbestos, leas, silica,...)


• Capture and retention of all dusts at the source (Asbestos / Lead / Silica / Dusts,…)

• Pre-dosed and ready to use product

• Transparent and non-harmful gel

• Sampling method that does not alter laboratory analyzes.



• Cheap Solution

• Easy to use

• Reproducible operating mode

• Clean Site

• Protection of operators and their environment

• Limitation of handling and risks related to height working


Data sheet

Cartouche de 310 ml
Gel coloré
Oui - Bleu
Quantité minimum
12 unités


Notice diagnostic manuel

Download (357.74k)

Fiche technique Gels EGP

Download (289.52k)

Gele Technisches Datenblatt

Download (213.39k)

Gels Technical data sheet

Download (195.81k)

DIAGNOSE Gebrauchsanleitung

Download (214.63k)

Diagnosis Manual Sampling

Download (351.78k)

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